Why Clean Your Koi Pond

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Another thing to take note of is period of the year when you will purchase your koi pond largemouth bass. Just like fruits, different forms of koi are harvested several months. For instance, Japanese thi cong ho ca koi san vuon are usually harvested during October in Japan. With this it is expected to reach other countries at around November or December. However, you might demand a heated pond in the instance that you keep in mind buying koi fishes throughout the months of December or November avert the fishes from holding. On the other hand, massive thiet ke ho ca koi gia re fish suppliers often times have stock all year round.

The colors of a koi fish should be bright. A red koi should be bright red and a black koi should be deep tahitian. A dull black or a fish containing scales or spots which can be slightly graying does not reflect well on the fish. As would a white koi that isn't pure white as snow but contains specks of dirty dreary. Color is a warning sign of well being.


Key element number 3 is food. In proper caring for koi fish, you need to know the acquiring thiet ke ho ca koi san thuong foods. It is not enough that you feed your koi with just one sort of food, variation is extremely important. You also need to know that you have a winter food and a summer food. Koi have different nutritional needs depending at the season.

The location of the pond should be suitable for your changing weather conditions. It should not be too exposed the actual hot and cold years. You can always add some extra protection for that pond in case you are not certain about the way it will thrive in that location. Knowing your yard will a person determine and build a thiet ke ho ca koi gia re.

The color of the fish that acquire can can be bought in many combos. The possible combinations are limitless, however each number of koi fish do tend to reproduce with personal.

Make sure you use a filtration system that has both mechanical filtering and biological filter. Preferably it will have two stages for various. These two types of filtration are usually essential for good maintenance of your Koi pond and to insure the health of your fish. As physical waste and debris build up in the pond, the mechanical filtration traps these particles using sand, beads, brushes or pads. Koi fish send out ammonia end up being be deadly in big enough amounts. The biological filter uses a natural biological process to convert this harmful waste into less harmful elements. Incorporate different marketing methods utilizes anaerobic bacteria to transform ammonia ultimately into nitrates which are not harmful on the fish.

Once you are satisfied that everything is working well and that the environment is stable (this is easier to do in larger ponds), it's totally think about purchasing some koi.

Keep a dechlorinator in the proximity of to enhance water to remove the chlorine and other harmful artificial additives. Water test kits, available at pet supply stores, must be used regularly to really need to watch the water's pH level and nitrate level.